What to expect from us in an Interview

Doing job interviews is part of our core business. I personally talk with about 70 candidates each month and constantly remind myself that for many of you, this is not a routine business. So I would like to share with you the elements I focus on in a meeting.

Be informed

Being the intermediary that will represent you, I think you should know who we are and how we go about it. Take a look around our website, and read our recent articles. So that is the first, short part of the meeting.

Be prepared

Secondly, we shift our focus to you. You can expect me to come prepared and read your cv and your letter. Often I also checked out your LinkedIn profile and the information we already shared in the past. Better build upon what we have than rehash.

We’ll also ask you to think about your past experiences, your goals, and why you’re interested in the position. Do not forget: we are paid by our clients to find out if you can bring what they are looking for. Will you solve the problem our client has? If we both prepare, both of us will create a situation where we can dig deep and discuss what is really interesting.

Job Opportunities

The third and final part will be about job opportunities. This can be about a specific opportunity where we can provide further information and find out if there is a match. This can also be about the direction you want to take and your labour market strategy. Topics, in that case, can be around training, education, lateral movements, stay or go, etcetera.

95% is about facts. If I have observations or an opinion (most of the time), I will share them. This will give you the chance to help me understand and further inform me. You should know how you will be (re-)presented. Creating the best match is a team effort. Your career and our service proposition are long-term investments.

If you have any questions about our interview process, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Pieter de Kiewit

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