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Staying on top of developments, and keeping up to date is vital in all sectors but even more so in the important field of Treasury. We consider it our responsibility and we take pride in informing you about news, regulations, market trends and developments in a concise and precise manner with our blogs, newsletters and social media channels.  Some of our blogs have become sought-after articles providing valuable information. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Please browse through our informative blogs. If you would like to receive personalised advice, do reach out to us.

Candidate Advice

Recording Interim Management

Pieter recently moderated a well-received webinar on interim treasury management with experts Francois de Witte and Emiel van Maris.

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Treasurer Search Germany!

15 years have passed and Germany has joined globalization. Especially in large organizations, speaking English is no longer a problem.

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Labour Market

Why be explicit about salaries?

Recently we had a number of situations where the candidate and employer were not able to come to an agreement. This is frustrating for all involved and, I hope, the intention of none of them.

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Candidate Advice

How to prepare for an online assessment

In recent years the use of online assessments in recruitment processes has increased. Both the interfaces as well as the validity of the tests has improved, costs went down.

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