We pay attention, we are present and show genuine interest. The Treasurer position in your company is vital, and recruiting the right candidate is essential. We realize it can be daunting to embark on the labor market to source for a specific role. Formulating what it is you are precisely looking for, and searching for the best available candidate is not easy, and a time-consuming task. The specific requirements for a treasurer role can be quite different from one company to another, and the experience of candidates differs.

From the start, we guide you with targeted insights. We have extensive knowledge of the Treasurer discipline, the potential candidates, the sector, and its developments. We believe excellence can only be achieved with targeted expertise and a personal approach.

Let’s start a relationship

We source fast but the relationship continues, we are relationship builders.



  • Recruitment for a permanent position

    Are you expanding your team or looking for a successful replacement? If we have not met before, we take the necessary time to get to know you and your company first. Your activities, your market, personality and culture. We assess the potential challenges and specific market-related risks. We create a profile of the perfect candidate, together. We plan and execute the recruitment process, which includes database & executive search, as well as online advertisement. We meet candidates and present the best potential fit.  We guide all parties successfully, through the process.

  • Recruitment solution for an interim position

    Our interim process is similar to the permanent position process. We remain in constant communication with our loyal candidate pool, enabling us to attract the best available candidate as soon as available. We know who can fill the gap and successfully manage the transition. Contractual, legal and regulatory aspects are important, and fully covered.

  • Senior executive search

    Integrity is always key,  especially when you are looking for a candidate at the Group Treasurer level. We offer senior board-level experience, and confidentiality is vital. Candidates who possess not only the required technical skills and credentials but also the strong personality you need in the team. Let us inform you about our track record and help you at a strategic level.

  • Recruiting a team

    The dynamics of this process are different from the requirement of recruiting a single professional. As a result of our extensive experience with successful team recruitment, it has become part of our services. Recruiting a treasury team demands a balanced approach. Finding the right personalities with a set of complementary skills is a challenging task. Our team of experienced senior and junior consultants complement each other, to build your treasury team.

  • The Treasurer Test

    We contributed to the development of this effective online assessment tool. The following insights triggered the need: “Less than 15% of people working in treasury completed a relevant education. Less than 50% of managers hiring a Treasurer have in-depth knowledge about the job content. So how do you know what to look for? How do you know you found the right one? How do you know this is your perfect next career step?”
    Based upon peer group comparison, statistically sound statements are made about expertise and personality. The test is deployed in exclusive assignments only.

  • Non-exclusive assignments

    To achieve good and fast results we prefer to work on an exclusive basis. We offer guarantees and the effective Treasure Test as part of our services. However, we do understand that in particular circumstances a non-exclusive agreement is required. This scenario is sometimes acceptable for us. The guarantee clause is not applicable and the Treasurer Test is not part of the offer.

If there is a recruiter who can take me to my next treasury position, it is Treasurer Search. I know that they are working for me and will continue to do so. Pieter started working in a clear and pleasant way and all new team members were able to join in this process seamlessly

Trustworthy and competent headhunter who does an excellent job in matching personal and professional desires to company needs

Treasurer Search is the perfect recruitment agency for candidates and employers. They deliver on their promises, communicate effectively, and know the market. Their no-nonsense approach is refreshing and makes them stand out in the industry.

I had the privilege to use Treasurer Search services in both capacities – as a hiring manager and as an applicant and had to say that the Team is highly professional. The Team provides tailored services and can bring in treasury professionals right for the role. All team members have a good understanding of the industry and the current trends. Treasurer Search has a large database of candidates based in the Netherlands, wider Europe, UK, UAE, etc. which helps to make the recruitment process quicker and more efficient. All the candidates Treasurer Search brought in were high quality and suitable for assignment requirements which saved me time and effort in the past. I couldn’t have recommended Treasurer Search more.

Without a doubt, changing jobs is one of the most stressful life events. Ron van Haeff is responsible for guiding candidates through every stage of the appropriate job search, acting as a viable resource, educating candidates on interview tips, and even sharing networking opportunities. Show genuine concern for them and serve as their advocate. This will present you as an extremely talented professional while also making you feel like a good-hearted human being. I am positive that receiving an opportunity through this prestigious company, Treasurer Search, can provide a great start for any individual actively seeking a strong commitment. That is why I strongly recommend Treasurer Search and him, for your next professional move.

Treasurer search has guided me for years in finding great opportunities in the labor market. I have not only learned a lot from the guidance provided. I also enjoyed the many calls over the years. They really take great care of their clients!

I highly recommend Treasurer Search for their personalized approach in understanding job requirements, company culture, and candidate profiles. Pieter de Kiewit, Kim Vercoulen, and Monique Nijs provide high-quality support and guidance to ensure the best fit for both clients and candidates. They go beyond filling vacancies, and their clear communication and mutual feedback make them more than just a professional collaboration.

Kim helped me find a job perfectly tailored to my interests! I can’t wait to get started!

As a treasury specialist, I landed in the Netherlands one month ago to seek a career opportunity in my field and got in contact with Treasurer Search. Both Pieter de Kiewit and Kim Vercoulen listened to my expectations and professional background and helped me join the interviews with rooted and leading companies that are recruiting treasury professionals. And thanks to Treasurer Search, I found the most suitable role in the most suitable company for me. Treasurer search was helpful, kind, informative and fast throughout the recruitment process. They even prepared me for interviews with very useful tips and suggestions. I always felt their power and assistance with me. In my opinion, If you are looking for a treasury-related role, Treasurer Search would be the best partner to work with. Thanks to them for their great contribution.

My experience with Treasurer Search was professional and helpful in navigating the local job market. Pieter and Ron were responsive, and understanding of my skills, and even helped explain my international profile to companies. Despite being offered a different position than the one I applied for, Ron was open-minded and supportive. Overall, I highly recommend Treasurer Search for their professionalism and support.

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