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Finding a Senior or Group Treasurer requires different expertise, actions and mindset

While technical skills and knowledge are essential, personality and strong connections with business leaders are more critical at this level. Companies now prefer specialized executive search firms over mass recruiters for these roles.

Finding a Group Treasurer requires a higher level of expertise. Treasurer Search understands these nuanced roles and the specialized approach needed to attract top talent.

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Partnering for Success

Identifying & screening Senior Treasury candidates, approaching them, and guiding the process are handled more thoroughly and discretely than with junior positions.

At Treasurer Search, we believe in fostering long-term partnerships. We don’t just fill vacancies; we build successful teams. By leveraging our specialized expertise and targeted approach, we connect you with the ideal Group Treasurer who can elevate your organization’s financial performance and contribute to its long-term success.

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I have been working with Treasurer Search for some years now. Several things worth pointing out are within the overall atmosphere.

Since Treasurer Search is a small business, all team members can act fast in all situations. We always feel supported by their authentic approach toward our team. The Treasurer Search team members all go the extra mile, they are a real ‘people’ business with a warm network.

Our partnership shared many mutual successes, like organizing joint events, matching/introducing the right people, and sharing our knowledge within the treasury field. I look forward to making many more memories together in this fruitful and highly appreciated cooperation with Treasurer Search.

I highly recommend Treasurer Search for their personalized approach to understanding job requirements, company culture, and candidate profiles.

Pieter de Kiewit, Kim Vercoulen, and Monique Nijs provide high-quality support and guidance to ensure the best fit for clients and candidates.

They go beyond filling vacancies, and their clear communication and mutual feedback make them more than just a professional collaboration.

Tugce Yildiran

I was lucky to receive Treasurer Search services in both capacities – as a hiring manager and as an applicant and have to say that the Team is highly professional.

The Team provides tailored services and can bring in treasury professionals right for the role.

Treasurer Search has a large database of candidates based in the Netherlands, wider Europe, UK, UAE, etc. which helps to make the recruitment process quicker and more efficient.

All the candidates Treasurer Search brought in were high quality and suitable for assignment requirements which saved me time and effort in the past.

I couldn’t recommend the Treasurer Search more.

Moldir Sauytbekova

Some of our succesful placements

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