Match of the Month - June 2024

Through my network, I came into contact with this family business. They were looking for a new treasurer, but it was a tough job: stuck between a rock and a hard place. After my first contact, it took a while before I was invited for an interview. Other agencies had already tried in vain to find the perfect candidate. As a result, I was already behind when I sat at the table.

“There you have another one who claims he can do it”. Still, I convinced them of our expertise and unique approach.

They gave us a chance and soon I was able to present several suitable candidates. Most of them went for interviews. Then, unexpectedly, a known contact person and treasurer from another company presented himself to me: a contact from the company itself. Surprised by his interest, I went to talk to him anyway. It turned out that he was the perfect candidate! And he is now the company’s new treasurer.

This case shows that sometimes you can find the best candidates in the most unexpected places. Through our unique approach and my extensive network, we helped this family business find the perfect treasurer for the future.

Can I help you too in finding a perfect match? Feel free to get in touch.


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Match of the Month - May 2024

Many times, I stood at this client’s front door before I was finally allowed in. Several fellow recruitment agencies had preceded me and failed, so I could understand their skepticism. However, after a good personal intake, I walked out with the assignment!

In parallel, I was in close contact with another client, where we have placed successfully several times. The contacts there are very good. One of their employees indicated internally that he was open to a new position that was unfortunately not available within the company, so he started searching the market. While he was open about his search, we were able to approach him and a few conversations later the contract could be signed.

We don’t give up on finding the right fit, and we cater to both companies seeking top talent and individuals searching for their dream job.

Feel free to contact us for advice on your recruitment process.

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Dennis Schmidt joins Team Treasurer Search

We are delighted to announce that Dennis Schmidt joined Team Treasurer Search on 1 May as a Recruitment Consultant.

Dennis worked for about 15 years with relevant banks like Bank Mendes Gans and Van Lanschot before transferring to the corporate side at New World Resources. He worked many years as a cash manager and corporate treasurer before becoming an interim treasurer. Many of his clients as an interim manager are the same as ours at Treasurer Search. Our contacts have always been frequent.

In parallel to his professional career, he led charity initiatives and is a very active member of the treasury community. He contributes to treasuryXL, visits treasury events regularly, and is one of the faces of the Platform Interim Treasury of the DACT. He lives with his family near Alkmaar, where he can train for long mountain bike tours.

Treasurer Search started about 15 years ago and we learned that the professional and personal drivers of treasurers are almost always different from those of recruiters. We are convinced Dennis is the exception and combines both. It is great that Dennis can learn from us about recruitment, a job for which there are many trainable skills. And of course, we can deepen our treasury expertise by learning from a colleague who has actually done the job himself.

In the first months in the team, Dennis will work closely with Ron for interim assignments and Kim & Pieter for permanent ones. Together we will use this time to define his market focus so he and the team can be most successful in supporting clients & candidates. We will keep you updated.

Last but not least, within Treasurer Search we have a very conscious approach on how we want to be as a team, both in connection with the non-working part of our lives as with quality standards and how we interact with each other. Keywords in this are fun, results, long-term, quality, ethical, professional and operate at eye level. We recognize these values in Dennis so are confident in all aspects he will be successful.

On behalf of Team Treasurer Search, welcome Dennis!

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Match of the Month - April 2024

Next to international treasurers moving around the world for their careers, we see an increasing number wanting to stay where they are or return to the place where they were born.

In The Netherlands, for example, many enjoy living near the border. Like we do in Venlo. Our client in the match of the month also has an office close to the German border and had a demanding assignment for us: find local talent that speaks Dutch AND has expertise in project finance. The talent pool for this in that region is near to non-existent, especially in the current tight labour market.

At the end of the process, the client had the option to choose between a local hero with a lot of long-term potential for the company, and a project finance expert. The first landed a new position. What made the match extra sweet for us, was that we met him already over ten years ago, kept in touch and the investment paid out. That’s why we love our jobs.

Feel free to contact us for advice on your recruitment process.

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Match of the Month - March 2024

The story of this Match of the Month is about a non-European with a great education, a lot of talent and a bit of relevant experience. We presented him to many clients both for permanent as well as interim roles. Often him not being an EU citizen seemed to be an issue. His first assignment in The Netherlands he picked up through our services and he delivers ever since.

We found him various positions and not too long ago he picked up a new assignment through another recruiter. As turned out, it wasn’t made a match in heaven, and the assignment ended prematurely. Contracts in interim management deserve a professional approach, both in setup as well as roll out. Luckily one of our clients asked him to return so he is back on track with the support of our interim management expert Ron.

This experience underscores a crucial element we consider during interim placements: matching personalities, not only just skills. The most qualified candidate on paper might not always translate to a smooth working relationship within the client’s team.

Feel free to contact us for advice on your recruitment process.

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15 Years Treasurer Search, 15 Facts!

It’s time to celebrate!

We’re turning 15 years old, and to mark this milestone, we’re sharing 15 interesting facts about our journey and what makes Treasurer Search unique. Buckle up and discover our story, from humble beginnings to a leading force in the industry!

Company Growth

1. This year 15 employees!

2. Evolved from home office to our own office from 1999!

3. Updated our brand communication- future-ready!

Client Focus

4. Serve diverse industries, from large-cap to mid-cap

5. Main source of assignments: returning to clients

6. Ongoing candidate support, from junior until retirement

International Presence

7. Offices in both the Netherlands and Germany, 4 nationalities in the team

Unique Offerings

8. Unique Vacancy Overviews on LinkedIn

9. Involved in RT Program, guest lectures at the Minor Treasury of the Hogeschool Utrecht

10. “Treasurer Test” – our unique assessment tool

Team Culture

11. Hand-on, flexible and fun team!

12. Highly dedicated team with low turnover

13. Diverse team with a wealth of talents and expertise

14. Active participation in online webinars

15. We customize, are personal & professional


What could our #16 fact be next year? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!


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Match of the Month - February 2024

One of the very first blogs we ever published was entitled “Is corporate treasury a career dead end? Back then, even more than today, becoming a CFO was considered the holy grail for treasurers.

As part of our niche strategy, we do not take on CFO recruitment assignments. Unless it makes sense for a treasurer to move into the CFO role. In this match of the month, our client is a fast-growing e-commerce company with a global presence. In their growth, they have not yet built their treasury department, but they have organised their control and accounting well. It is essential for the company’s strategy to organise payment processes well and to secure funding for further growth. Both equity and debt.

We were asked to find an overqualified treasurer with a start-up mentality and the ability to take on broad responsibilities: a potential CFO. We found a candidate who, at a young age, had already covered group treasury and control responsibilities and had a background in competitive sport. The match was made and we can celebrate another success.

Feel free to contact us for advice on your recruitment process.

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2023 to 2024 – Looking back and forth

2023 was for Treasurer Search the year that the pieces of the puzzle came together so this year we can celebrate our 15th birthday in the next maturity stage. Before, we were a group of dedicated generalists with treasury recruitment expertise, each of us covering many different tasks. When we went past 10 employees, currently 12, we noticed that specialization is possible and increases efficiency. We now have team members only focusing on well-known tasks such as marketing and we have a controller. Also on recruitment sub-tasks, we can focus more. Still, we know from each other what we do and inform each other every day at the “dagstart”.

Growth and expanding Expertise

From a market and results perspective, we continue the trend of previous years. Again, we set a new placement record which is of course great. As we want to be known as a stable team with faces you have seen before, we continue investing in a sensible growth rate. So you can expect new team members in 2024. Within our portfolio we see extra growth in areas we invested in: interim management by Ron, the German market by Britta & Alana and the senior executive level, my focus.

Because of our size, we can also invest in aspects that are perhaps less visible for you but still very important. Bianca leads us in storing and retrieving all that is relevant for candidates and clients as accurately and up-to-date as possible. Alana will ask you about what is important for you in treasury recruitment and help us with the best process management. Kim takes the lead in further investments in recruitment skills and the application of Big5/OCEAN personality typology in our work. The Treasurer Test will continue to play a role in our services.

Observing Treasury Labor Market Dynamics

My observation over the last 15 years is that the treasury labour market is dynamic but not as volatile as other (labour) markets. Of course we see an increased focus on technology but that is in all job types. In 2022 we had, in comparison to other years, many treasury control assignments. Last year we saw an increase in corporate finance/funding positions, and at the start of this year this continued. If this is part of a shift of focus in corporate treasury I cannot tell yet. In The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Dubai, already quite long non-natives are successfully recruited. In the German labour market this now also happens increasingly. Many of our Belgian clients still ask for locals.

Interim Management: A Cornerstone of Our Portfolio

Interim management has taken a prominent role in our portfolio and is there to stay. We are being called to fill temporary gaps, bring in expertise or even do transition or crisis management. Although there is constant talk about changes in tax and legal aspects, this does not seem to materialize. We do notice that interim management customs and fees are very different in our various home markets (Benelux and DACH) and act accordingly. Furthermore market shares between bulk recruiters, treasury consultants and niche recruiters like Treasurer Search shift depending on the need for speed, expertise and fee level. Personally, I do expect further shifts and a maturing market.

Treasurer Search in 2024

2024 for Treasurer Search will be about executing the plans we made in 2023. We will contact you personally, through calls, at events like DACT/FinanzSymosium/Eurofinance and webinars, to find out how we can support you in your recruitment needs and career plans. We look forward to hearing from you what you value in our services and to achieving success with you. Don’t forget that human capital is your biggest asset and career decisions are, next to family & housing, the ones with the most impact on your life.

Have a great 2024!

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Match of the Month - January 2024

A long time client of ours contacted us for the search of a treasury team lead. Having already recruited 5 team members in the past, we already know the company very well. And I am happy to say that yet again were able to successfully support them in their recruitment process!

An interesting part of their recruitment process is that they always ask us to anonymize our candidate profiles before presenting. This means we remove all of the candidates’ information that can cause bias. Name, gender, nationality, age, and other details irrelevant to the job are left out, while important information, like qualifications and experience remains. That way our client reduces (unconscious) hiring biases to improve diversity in their workforce and to make better match-making decisions. Looking at their very international diverse and skilled workforce, I would say it is a successful strategy for them.

I do want to add one important note of caution: In orde to make a blind hiring policy work, it should be paired with de-biasing strategies at the interview stage, since interviews are generally conducted in an unblind fashion (writes Sean Fath in Harvard Business Review). If you abstain from this, blind hiring will lead to higher interview selection rates for members of disadvantaged groups but will ultimately not increase their likelihood of getting job offers after interviews. One especially promising strategy to reduce discrimination at the interview stage involves the use of structured interviewing, which keeps interviewers focused on job-related questions only and reduces the impact of affinity bias— our natural preference for people who are similar to ourselves— on interview assessments.

Want to know if a blind hiring strategy could work for you? Feel free to contact us for advice on your recruitment process.

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Treasurer Search: Meet us in person in 2024!

We are pleased to announce our upcoming participation in two major treasury industry events: the DACT (Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers) annual event in March and the Finance Symposium in Mannheim, Germany, in April. These events provide invaluable opportunities for us to connect with our treasured clients and candidates, share insights on the latest treasury trends, and sustain meaningful relationships within the treasury community.

DACT Annual Event: March 2024

Join us at the DACT annual event on March 14-15. The DACT Treasury Fair, now in its 20th edition, serves as a platform for treasury professionals to connect, learn, and network.

Our team will be here on hand to discuss the challenges and opportunities treasury professionals are facing today, and how we can help you find the right fit for your organization. We’re particularly excited to share our insights on the growing demand for experienced treasury professionals with deep expertise in risk management, data analytics, and digital transformation.

Finance Symposium in Mannheim: April 2024

In April (17-19), we’ll be expanding our reach to Mannheim, Germany, for the Finance Symposium, a premier event for treasurers and finance professionals from across Europe. This event offers a comprehensive programm and showcases the latest trends in treasury and finance.

Our German team is excited to meet candidates and clients, to also broaden our German treasurer network. During the event, we’ll share what we’ve discovered from facing challenges and seizing opportunities in the German market since we kicked off our German expansion in 2023

Are You Planning to Attend?

Let’s meet!

We encourage all treasurers, finance professionals, and recruitment partners to meet us, as we are always eager to discuss your career aspirations or talent acquisition needs. We’re excited to connect with you and contribute to the success of the treasury community in 2024!

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