Pieter de Kiewit

Owner / Senior Recruitment Consultant +31 6 1111 9783 pdk@treasurersearch.com

Pieter is the driving force behind Treasurer Search

The job is not done when the vacancy is fulfilled, staying in contact is part of the fun and the responsibility.

Pieter graduated in Industrial Engineering & Business in 1994. He soon discovered there was something missing, the human aspect.  In search for the perfect career, Pieter discovered the world of recruitment.  In 1994 he started as a junior recruitment consultant to learn all about the trade; job intakes, reviewing CVs, conducting interviews, and how to read between the lines and interpret body language.

A choice he did not regret one single day of his life.  Still today, the recruitment business allows him to nurture and develop his genuine interest in people and their intrinsic motivations.

To excel, you need to focus.

In 1997 he worked on his first Group Treasurer search assignment and was intrigued by this responsibility.

“Treasurers are there where important decisions are taken, close to the board, and thus can have an impact.”

 The field constantly evolves and is, for laymen, considered very complex. It demands knowledge, skills, and an excellent network. The foundation of the renewed specialization was laid.

Building bridges and making matches

Nearing the age of 40, he noticed a change, the managerial side had taken up all his time. He missed the contact and the core business, recruitment. Pieter used his entrepreneurial skills and extensive network to start his own company. It allowed him to offer recruitment in his own unique way, with integrity, resourcefulness, and carefully nurtured relationships. And of course, add the focus he so longed for. Treasurer Search.

Today, with strength, knowledge, and demonstration of trust, he guides his team and the assignments he takes on.

Treasurer Search naturally grew to the leading Treasury recruiter in the BeNeLux, Germany and beyond, with a professional and diverse team of consultants and supporting staff.  Pieter is the driving force, the mentor of the team and regularly takes on recruitment assignments.

The need to stay on top of market developments, requirements in the Treasury trade and his natural curiosity resulted in taking on various responsibilities in the Treasury community. As one of the founders and ambassadors of treasuryXL he contributes with Blogs and moderates Webinars. At the Vrije Universiteit, he is a member of the Management Board of the post-graduate Programme Executive Treasury & Corporate Finance and a guest lecturer at the minor treasury management Programme of the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht.

Pieter de Kiewit, on top of just good recruitment, he adds value to your business.

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