Interim Treasury: The Solution to the Tightening Labor Market

The labor market is tightening, and this is especially true in the treasury profession. Companies are struggling to find qualified treasury professionals, and this is having a negative impact on their businesses.

One solution to this problem is to use interim treasury professionals. Interim professionals are experienced treasury experts who can be brought in on a temporary basis to fill skills gaps or to provide support during periods of increased activity.

Treasurer Search always manages a portfolio of interim treasurers. Experts work, through our matching services, on projects or bring temporary qualified capacity. As projects are always closed relatively quickly, we only briefly communicate or do not publicly mention the search at all. In almost all cases we know the interim treasurer before we find his or her assignment.

Now why mention these separate messages? Because I think part of the solution to a tightening labour market can be found in deploying interim treasurers. Old-style interim management, working with contractor (ZZP) or pay-roll contracts will remain but will, I expect, become more expensive. As traditional interim managers are becoming more scarce and inflation rises, prices per hour for clients will go up for that type of service.

In my perception room lies in labour markets that, until recently, was not tapped into. There are three obvious ones:

  1. Semi-retired treasury professionals: Many experienced treasury professionals retire before they are ready to fully step away from the workforce. They may be looking for part-time or flexible work, and they can be a valuable asset to companies that need temporary treasury support.
  2. People who make conscious choices about work: There is a growing trend of people making conscious choices about their work-life balance. This may include choosing to work part-time, starting their own business, or taking care of family members. These individuals can be a great fit for interim treasury roles, as they are often highly motivated and have a wealth of experience.
  3. Migrant treasury professionals: The EU makes it easy for people to move to other countries for work, and this includes treasury professionals. Treasurer Search has brought in treasury professionals from Portugal, the Netherlands, and other countries. These professionals bring with them valuable skills and experience, and they can help companies to fill skills gaps and to expand their global reach.

The ”never waste a good crisis” statement has been, regretfully, used too often over the last few years. But I think it applies here very well: ambitions about an inclusive society and labour market are getting realized. Not from an ethical starting point but more from a practical. Is that such a bad thing?

Contact us today to learn more about how interim treasury professionals can help your company. We would be happy to discuss your needs and find the right solution for your business.

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