Match(es) of the Month - June 2023

This month no story about a specific placement but an observation about recent placements in interim management.

Most successes there are seasoned candidates with a track record in various projects. In other cases, we help candidates make a move into the interim management/contractor role. This can be moving from permanent into interim, but also people who are in between positions, who are already (part-time) retired, or who combine treasury with other activities. Their hourly fee is often a bit lower. Clients are then required to offer a bit more guidance in the treasury interim work, we advise in other aspects like establishing a legal entity, insurances and finding the proper interim work rhythm.

Only last month we pulled somebody out of retirement, found an assignment for a candidate just before she became unemployed and matched an SME accountant into a part-time FX-focused project. This strategy seems to work. Finding solutions beyond the obvious gives us great job satisfaction, let us know if you want to brainstorm.

Pieter de Kiewit


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