A Look Back: Finanzsymposium and DACT

Our Treasurer Search Team recently had the pleasure of attending two major finance events: The Finanzsymposium in Mannheim, Germany, and the DACT conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As we reflect on our experiences, we’re eager to share the highlights and key takeaways from these dynamic events.


From the get-go, the atmosphere at the Finanzsymposium was charged with energy, and our stand enjoyed a prime location that ensured a steady flow of engaging conversations. What caught our attention the most was the significant demand for treasury assignments, indicating a strong interest in the market. The quality of presentations was high, covering not just treasury topics but also broader, relevant areas like demographics and labor market trends.

The social aspects of the event were equally successful. The gala evening was a highlight, providing a relaxed atmosphere to connect with potential clients and candidates.  We were particularly pleased by the increased dialogue compared to the previous year, indicating that Treasurer Search is becoming more recognized in the German market. The presence of international attendees further underscored our growing reach.


At the DACT conference the connections were more than just business; they were personal.  The focus was on maintaining relationships with familiar faces in the treasury scene —a proof of strong relationships built over time. Our team members were kept busy with conversations throughout the event. The social Thursday evening with drinks proved to be a great way to connect with attendees in a relaxed setting, the shortened Friday schedule left us wanting more time for in-depth discussions. Adjusting to the new venue and timeline proved a minor challenge, but we were excited to take it on.

Key Takeaways: A Thriving Market with Potential for Expansion

Both conferences underscored a crucial trend: the current treasury job market is growing. We encountered a significant number of contacts, both candidates and clients, actively seeking new possibilities. The tightness of the labor market emerged as a recurring theme, with many clients actively searching to expand their teams. These events provided an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into market developments in an efficient manner.

Our participation at the Finanzsymposium and DACT conferences was a great success.  We are energized by the positive feedback and the substantial demand for our services. Treasurer Search looks forward to continuing its leading role in connecting top talent with exciting opportunities within the dynamic treasury market.

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A Look Back: Finanzsymposium and DACT

Discover our first-hand experiences and key insights from the vibrant Finanzsymposium in Mannheim, Germany and the engaging DACT conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We highlight the thriving treasury market and our commitment to connecting top talent with exciting opportunities.

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