Treasurer Search in Germany: Recent Assignments and Exciting Prospects

This year we celebrate our 15th birthday!

We have steadily grown to a 12-person team and have a very healthy, stable foundation. In our German expansion, also based upon what German treasurers tell us, we choose a steady, personal and quality-driven approach. Not the “quick and dirty” for which our industry and fellow Dutchmen are sometimes known for.

Interestingly enough…

Our most prominent successes are assignments of the type we worked towards in our early build-up years: Senior positions reporting to the CFO. What we notice is that hiring managers, CFOs and Group Treasurers, put internal recruiters more into the forefront. On the one hand that creates better scheduled processes. On the other hand, these processes tend to be longer and internal recruiters often lack treasury expertise which is understandable as they have to cover many bases.

Also, internal recruiters do not tend to feel the urgency of the hiring manager. When you combine this with notice periods of up to 6 months, recruitment processes are often much longer than in other countries. So far, we have not seen that this leads to an increased demand for interim treasurers.

In the past year, Treasurer Search has achieved significant milestones in expanding its footprint in Germany. Our German Treasurer Search team has been actively engaged in diverse assignments that reflect the distinctive dynamics of the German market.

Current assignments

Within our client’s organization, we see the traditional German business values like thorough processes and in-depth analysis of tasks & personality on one hand. On the other hand, we see the entrepreneurial and impact of non-Germans in the company. We are on the lookout for a senior treasury generalist with exceptional proficiency in Debt Capital Markets (DCMs).

Another current senior assignment is also in Berlin. There our client is rapidly expanding and due to their strategy, leveraged finance will remain essential. The appealing aspect of this assignment is the expected IPO. We are actively searching for a group treasurer with a robust profile in leverage finance, possibly with a background in banking.

Here you can find out more about our current positions in Germany:


Meet us at the Finanzsymposium in Mannheim

We are also pleased to announce that we will be attending the Finanzsymposium in Mannheim in April. We encourage all our partners, clients and treasury professionals to join us there to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in treasury.

Meet us at the Finanzsymposium

At Treasurer Search, we see great potential in the German treasury recruitment market. As we continue to expand our presence in Germany, we are committed to providing expertise and personalized service to both our clients and the many talented treasury professionals looking for their next role with us.

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