Why local treasury recruitment is even better

Recruitment in 2023 is an industry that evolved over the last 50 years into maturity. As the labour market, just like the treasury function, changes constantly, recruitment also does. By now we know that within an agency, it makes sense to divide various tasks among various specialists. The person who interviews do not always do sourcing and does not deploys social media. We know, being niche players in treasury recruitment since 2009, what the two main sources of added value is of a treasury focus in recruitment. Below we describe our vision of what adding a local presence adds to this.

Two Sources of Value in Treasury Recruitment

The first source of value is a solid understanding of what a treasurer does. Our clients pay us to screen if a candidate is up to the task. How can we screen CVs and interview properly when we do not know about cash pooling, a forward or an RCF? The second source is about networking, knowing what the industry of a client is and the impact on the treasury function. Know if an interim manager is available or what the main driver of a specific person is to change jobs.

We serve clients and candidates from and in a variety of countries. Placements were on three different continents. We like the international component in our work and can present our added value relatively easy. Now entering into the German market with a local presence, we analysed the extra value for clients and candidates being present in our local Dutch market. We came to the below list that we add to our list of ambitions in Germany. Of course next to speaking the language and following the local news.

Importance of Understanding the Local Treasury Market

In The Netherlands, there are many fiscally driven treasury entities. Many of those work with complex pooling solutions, exotic currencies, transfer pricing aspects and many international subsidiaries. This requires expertise from candidates and from us understanding that skills for these entities are different from the ones of an HQ treasurer. This local aspect has an impact on our local recruitment expertise.

Let’s not forget recruitment in itself is a skill that takes time to learn and where our 10-person team combines decades of experience. Dutch recruitment is not as strictly organized as recruitment in Germany where reference letters and diploma screening is standard. CVs are written differently in different countries. Also, the acceptance of telephone and/or video interviews varies per country. And last but not least, labour contracts and related negotiations can be very local.

The Netherlands is a country where LinkedIn as a social medium and WhatsApp as a communication channel are fully accepted. We know that this is not the global standard. We know that mobilizing our interim management network through a group app might not work in Germany. We know about Xing in Germany but do not pretend to be the expert there.

A long presence in a certain country allows us to increasingly support the local treasury community in an active manner. In The Netherlands, we support treasury education with guest lectures and board memberships of academic institutes. Through treasuryXL we host webinars. We help clients find each other in non-recruitment treasury topics like TMS or bank selection. Since starting in 2009 we have been present at the annual DACT Treasury Fair.

We have the ambition to grow in Germany from a very good international treasury recruitment standard into an even better local version. And we also want to find out if what we learn from you about what works well in Germany, might also work well in other countries. And the other way around. So we look forward to your feedback on us deploying the www.TreasurerTest.com and our result-driven way of working.

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