Match of the Month - Juli 2023

This month we want to inform you about S, who we supported in finding a new position.

Kim was the lucky consultant who could present him with the one he chose. S is 34, holds an MBA and worked in various treasury positions at the same multi-billion corporate. He reached out to us in April to find out what the treasury labour market has to offer him and all our Dutch consultants discussed positions with him. Eleven in total, mostly in The Netherlands but also in Belgium. In parallel S browsed the market through other channels.

Potential employers not only appreciated the stable track record, treasury expertise, and strong education of S but also his eagerness, communication skills and ownership mentality. He had many meetings and received multiple job offers, not only from our clients. He based his decision on the activities of the company, the challenging tasks, perspectives, the salary level and work location.

Another important aspect for S was also how his potential employer acted in the recruitment process. Interviews were with relevant contact persons, were about sending and receiving information and were scheduled quickly. In the offer, it was clear that our client listened to what is specifically relevant to him.

The junior and medior part of the labour market remains tight and employers have a hard time finding good staff. Luckily they have the possibility to increase their chances. If you are searching for good staff and need advice, just call. And also if you are looking for a position and want choices like S, call Kim, or Haia, or Ron or Britta, or Pieter…

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