The Recruitment Process: what can we do for you and what do we expect from you?

Below you find a summary of what we can do for you and what we expect from you as a potential candidate.

What can you expect from Treasurer Search?

  • We are often aware of vacancies that you may not be able to find. One reason for this is that we have a warm network of clients and candidates. In some cases, we recruit on an exclusive basis for our client, which means that we are the only party that manages the vacancy.
  • We can inform you about developments in the labor market and advise on the next steps.
  • In addition to forwarding a resume, we try to give our client a complete picture of you as a person using a short match report. We briefly explain why we think you are a match for the relevant position. In our experience, this can ultimately be the deciding factor in whether or not to be invited to an interview.
  • We can give you more information about the organization, and in the case of an interview about the people attending it. This allows you to properly prepare yourself for the job interview.
  • Is an assessment part of the application process? Then we can give you additional information about the type of assessment that will be used for optimal preparation.
  • We do our best to keep you informed about our vacancies and ongoing application processes. Do you expect feedback from us and have you not yet received it? You can always call or email us for an update.
  • In the last phase of the recruitment process, we can also provide you with counseling for the employment conditions interview.

What does Treasurer Search expect from you?

There are also several things that you, as a candidate, can do to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible.

  • We expect you to inform us about the alternatives that you have (this also applies when you have accepted an offer elsewhere or when you stop searching for a new challenge). For example, you may be in different application processes both with us and through other channels. By keeping us informed of this, we can take this into account when we communicate with our clients. For example, when you are in the final phase of a different application process, we can draw our clients’ attention to this and advise them to respond quickly when they are also interested.
  • To prevent a selection procedure in the final phase from breaking down on salary, we need a salary indication. For this, we ask for your current salary and your desired salary. It is also possible that you give us your salary indication, provided that we do not communicate this to our client. In this way, we can make a good estimation of whether this fits within the salary range of the vacancy in question or whether it is better to look further for a more suitable position.
  • Have you just had an interview with one of our clients? Then we would very much appreciate it if you could make time to tell us how it went and if you are interested in a possible follow-up. This is possible both by telephone and by e-mail. In this way, we can immediately give your feedback to our clients when they ask for it.

Hopefully, this blog will give you a clear(er) picture of what you can expect from us as a candidate and what you can do yourself to ensure that the application process runs as smoothly as possible. We look forward to forging as many successes as possible together!

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