Recruiting a Treasurer: A Task That Demands Expertise

The role of a treasurer is crucial to any organization’s financial success. Treasurers are responsible for managing money and financial risks in an organization. Its priority is to ensure the business has the money it needs to manage its day-to-day business obligations, while also playing a key role in developing and implementing the organization’s financial strategy and policies.

Recruiting a qualified treasurer can be a challenging task. There are several reasons for this:

Competitive labour market

We are still dealing with a historically tight labour market (1).  The demand for treasury professionals exceeds the supply, which makes it more and more difficult to find the right candidate for the job.

Lack of treasury knowledge

Internal recruiters often don’t have any knowledge of what treasury entails. This makes it difficult to identify if candidates are a good match for the job opening they have.

No warm network

Dealing with a market where not many candidates are applying for a new job anymore, you will need to actively go into the market to approach and enthuse candidates for a new challenge. This takes a lot of time when you can’t build on an already established warm network.

In addition to these challenges, the treasury recruitment process can be lengthy and complex. It is important to carefully define the role, develop a comprehensive job description, identify qualified potential candidates, and think about strategies to enthuse these potential candidates for the role. Should you outsource, or do it yourself? We can help you decide on this!

Already being in the treasury recruitment business for 14 years, Treasurer Search has built an extensive and warm network of treasury professionals. Because of this warm network combined with our treasury and market knowledge, we can help you find qualified professionals and fill your treasury vacancy better and faster.

Contact us today to discuss your treasury recruitment needs.

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