Match of the Month - September 2023

One of the great things about our job is that we work with people and learn about what drives them, what are their qualities and what is their personal situation. Based upon this we match.

The downside of this, in comparison with working with cars, computers or sneakers, is that things can get unpredictable. Through CV screening, interviews and reference checks, one gets more certainty but not 100% predictability. Candidates can get cold feet or be “bought” by their former employer and leave.

We see this more in markets where candidates are in demand. We do our utmost to prevent this in process management before the contract is signed but people are not cars…. Part of our services is a guarantee towards our clients: if the candidate chooses to stop within six months, we find a replacement free of charge.

So, luckily not too often, you might recognize a search in our current assignment list. It might be a guaranteed search.

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