Match of the Month - October 2023

The match of this month is another example of how tight the labor market for junior and medior treasurers currently is.

This candidate is 29, graduated cum laude and completed his CFA. He worked with two financial services companies in treasury positions with a strong risk angle. Each new position meant a salary raise. At the start of this year, he decided to resign and embark on a long trip through various countries. Upon his return he informed us and others about his availability and within a short span of time he had meetings with various companies.

Most of the employers understood he preferred a quick process and sped up their recruitment actions. Luckily he chose our client.

Looking back at this specific vacancy, it still took about a month for us to inform him to sign a contract. We hope and expect he will have a great career with our client.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist in finding your ideal treasurer.

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