Interim Treasury Talent available!

Over the last years we have been able to grow our interim treasury successes even stronger than our permanent placements. The labour market has been tight which sometimes results in employers using the services of an interim manager while finding a permanent solution. Also there have been many transition programs like carve-outs or TMS implementations. Many of our clients invest in bringing their treasury to the next level.

It has taken a while before corporates knew interim treasury management is a service we offer. In our modest opinion we offer the best of all worlds. We thoroughly communicate with all working as an interim treasurer or who are considering going in that direction. In comparison with other recruiters we have a stronger expertise in treasury. In comparison with specialized treasury consultancy firms, who also offer interim management, our fee structure is of a client-friendlier type.

We took an important step forward when, next to Pieter, I also started to invest in interim management. With more than double the capacity we can help interim managers and clients quicker and better: more ears and eyes in the market! I started to communicate with interim treasurers through new channels. Our first interim assignment of the year has been already spread through this channel. Did you not receive it or do you want to be a part of these messages, mail me via

Interim assignments end, as this is the nature of the business. The below described candidates are currently working through our services, make our clients happy and will be available shortly:

  • P is moving between CFO and treasury positions. He shines in transition and crisis situations, manages teams, streamlines processes and takes care he can run a tight ship quickly. His hourly fee is €135;
  • U can role up his sleeves in operations and has a strong expertise in treasury IT. He does very well setting up a treasury from scratch including a TMS implementation. His hourly fee is €130;
  • F is a smart, hands-on and friendly team member who can fill a gap in a larger treasury organisation. He covers roles as treasury analyst but also in the back-office. His hourly fee is €90.

If you are interested in one of these candidates, others or want to work as an interim manager, please reach out to me.

Regards, Ron van Haeff

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