Match of the Month - December 2023

Our client S is a trading house that recruited a senior treasurer with whom we have been in touch with for a very long time. We worked together briefly and have gotten to know each other better over time. Not only we learned what works but also what does not work for them. P is an interim manager we have been in touch with since August 2010.

Over time we spoke about dozens of assignments and so far he picked up 5 through our services. At first, we did not know how well his trading industry expertise was but he showed in one of his assignments, where dealing with the complexity in various markets was one of his tasks, that he covered this task well.

References were good. When S came to us with an interim assignment for a position in the trading industry, all consultants directly mentioned P. This is not a guarantee that the match will be made but in this case, it was swiftly. With this in mind, we analyzed the ratio between the average number of candidates presented per interim placement over time and saw this went down. This might have to do with a tightening labour market but we hope it is also because we can better screen and match among the 200 interim treasurers we are in touch with within the Dutch labour market regularly.

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