Match of the Month - June 2024

Through my network, I came into contact with this family business. They were looking for a new treasurer, but it was a tough job: stuck between a rock and a hard place. After my first contact, it took a while before I was invited for an interview. Other agencies had already tried in vain to find the perfect candidate. As a result, I was already behind when I sat at the table.

“There you have another one who claims he can do it”. Still, I convinced them of our expertise and unique approach.

They gave us a chance and soon I was able to present several suitable candidates. Most of them went for interviews. Then, unexpectedly, a known contact person and treasurer from another company presented himself to me: a contact from the company itself. Surprised by his interest, I went to talk to him anyway. It turned out that he was the perfect candidate! And he is now the company’s new treasurer.

This case shows that sometimes you can find the best candidates in the most unexpected places. Through our unique approach and my extensive network, we helped this family business find the perfect treasurer for the future.

Can I help you too in finding a perfect match? Feel free to get in touch.


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