Treasurer Search Communication Upgrade

Last year after the summer, we asked a strategy consultant to guide us as a whole team into our next phase of life. We talked about our business goals and what we look for in our jobs. About how we want to be seen by clients and candidates. And what we need to do next. Without being elaborate, we want to be appreciated for our expertise in recruitment & treasury, and for solid and results-oriented processes. Equally important to us is our focus on long-term relationships with candidates & clients, on integrity and genuine interest.

Translating Words into Action

These are just words if you don’t translate them into action. Expertise requires skills & knowledge, in recent months we have invested in both treasury and recruitment training. Long-term relationships start with a stable Treasurer Search team, many of us have been on the team for many years and new members start with a permanent contract. This is not the industry standard. With the thousands of contacts we have, watertight processes are not easy, so we are currently investing in further support and improvement. And we also don’t want you to be or feel like a number. That’s why in our communications we connect our faces to our services.

And fortunately, we have had help in creating our communication strategy. As niche specialists, we understand very well the value of experts. This resulted in our new newsletter and new website. We learned that if our sole focus were expertise, our colours would be blue and gray. Because we are real people doing business with other people, we focus on creating a real connection. So we use green, blue and magenta. We had pictures taken and used more modern software. It didn’t go smoothly, a learning moment, but we like the result so far, hopefully you do too.

Improving Collaboration through Communication

Unlike companies in other industries, our website is much more than a brochure. We manage our assignments through our website. And candidates can manage their profiles in our systems through the website. To remain compliant with GDPR requirements, candidates who wish to manage their profiles are given a unique access code via email each time they seek to access. Security and ease of use can be in conflict, hopefully we have found the balance you can work with. Your own environment in our systems makes sense because your relationship with us is long term and you can better instruct us on your skills and aspirations.

The process that has led to this new communication has been exciting for all of us. It is one step in a journey that we hope will last a very long time. Like building organizations and finding new positions, it is a process of co-makership and not an outcome in itself. We are not a newspaper publisher. So let us know, does our new communication improve our collaboration? We look forward to our next contact and continuing to invest in Team Treasurer Search.

Pieter de Kiewit

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