The Rising Importance of Junior Treasury Talent

Junior treasury talents are becoming key players in the strategic and operational functions of treasury departments.

These young professionals, often from diverse international backgrounds, bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to managing a company’s financial assets, liabilities, and liquidity. However, such exceptional junior treasury talents are rare, creating a high demand in that area of the Treasury market¹.

Challenges in Attracting and Retaining Treasury Talent

The scarcity of treasury talent is a growing concern for organizations. According to a survey¹, 73% of treasury professionals believe attracting and retaining talent is a significant challenge. This shortage is particularly acute for junior positions, as the industry faces an aging workforce and struggles to attract younger generations.

These rising talents typically possess strong expertise in global financial trends, technological advancements, and data analytics. Their international experience allows them to guide complex cross-border transactions and understand the complexities of different financial markets. In fact, 40% of Gen Z workers are willing to sacrifice some pay for “a stronger chance to grow in the role,” highlighting their hunger for growth and development opportunities².

John’s Journey: A Model for Junior Treasury Talent

Take John, for example. A recent graduate from a prestigious European business school, John’s passion for treasury was obvious from his academic pursuits and internships at leading financial institutions. To assess his suitability for a role in corporate treasury, John took the Treasurer Test, which is designed to evaluate key skills such as risk management, corporate finance, cash management, and other treasury topics.

The results of the Test were excellent (see image below), compared to someone who hadn’t worked in treasury before, highlighting John’s exceptional analytical abilities and his ability to understand and manage financial risks. Furthermore, John’s international experience, having studied and worked in multiple countries, equips him with a unique global perspective that is invaluable in a corporate treasury role.

Treasurer Test results

As companies continue to expand their global footprint, the need for talented junior treasury professionals like John becomes more critical. Their ability to adapt, innovate, and strategically manage finances will significantly drive corporate success in an increasingly complex financial landscape. Given their rarity and the value they bring, organizations are keen to attract and retain such promising talents to ensure a strong and forward-thinking treasury function.

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