Practical aspects about the jobs on our site

Team Treasurer Search holds decades of full-time labour market experience. Recruitment processes do not hold many secrets for us, if any. On average, our research shows, a corporate treasurer changes jobs every six years. So what seems obvious for us, might not be for you. So we sat together to compile a list of practical aspects we think you should know about as an applicant, working with us.

  1. Our website is most up-to-date of all online communication channels we use. Over 95% of our assignments is posted on our website. From there, the advertisements are distributed through jobsites and social media, partly by our doing, partly because others copy our texts. We cannot prevent there is outdated information out there;
  2. You can apply through our website but also call or email us directly. We prefer the first option. Applying for the same position through jobsites, social media and our website (yes it happens) does not serve anybody and only wastes time and damages your reputation;
  3. We do not discriminate. Not because we are not allowed, not because we think gender, religion, sexual orientation, passport or other aspects tell how well you will do the job and not because it is the decent thing to do. If we can stimulate diversity, we do. So often we refer to the candidate as “she”. Not because we think men or others cannot do the job;
  4. Unless mentioned otherwise, the described salary is the base salary. In The Netherlands this is 12 month salaries and 8% holiday allowance. More detailed information comes later in the process for candidates who might qualify and are interested. We want to stress that the described salary is not excactly what will be paid to the final candidate, there are many factors that decide the salary level on the contract;
  5. A job description is not a legal document or promise for the future. Purpose of the description is to inform and stimulate matching candidates to apply and start further information exchange. It is also to inform those who don’t, that reaching out is most likely a waste of time;
  6. When we write that something is “a must” to qualify for a position that means that, if you cannot offer this, applying is a waste of your and our time;
  7. If a text is written in Dutch or any other non-English language, you can assume you are expected to speak this language;
  8. We almost always advertise anonymously. If you qualify and are interested, we will disclose the name of our client. This is to protect our clients from non-matching candidates or fellow recruiters claiming their time. This also means that we, as recruiters and you as candidate, have a commitment, let’s call it a social contract, towards each other to work together and try to reach the finish line. Only reach out to the discussed potential employer with us knowing;
  9. Please inform us about other recruitment process you might be in. Managing processes in parallel benefits all;
  10. We will keep you informed about the process as good as we can. If you are curious and/or impatient, we do not mind if you “poke us”. We are not a “don’t call us, we call you agency”.
  11. We often mention the Treasurer Test as part of  the recruitment process. If you are asked to take the Test, it is paid by our client. The report will be presented to you first and only upon your approval it will be released to your potential employer. When you do not approve, for example because you do not like the result, likelihood is low you will proceed. If you want to take the Test as part of your career planning, let us know. Perhaps we can get you the career counselling price.

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