Hiring For Personality: Looking Beyond The CV

As treasury recruiters, we are hired to find candidates with very job-specific knowledge. Although treasury knowledge and experience are important when looking for your dream candidate, looking at personality is in our eyes equally important for a successful long-term match. That’s why we don’t only assess if a candidate has the right treasury skills for the job but also if their personality is a good match for the job, the team and the company as a whole. We hear from our clients (and candidates), that this is highly valued. With this article, we want to give you more insight into how we do this.

So, how do we assess personality?

Firstly, we already do this during our intakes (with clients) and our interviews (with candidates), by asking the right questions and by structurally reporting on our findings. To do this, we keep the same personality traits in mind that we report on in the Treasurer Test. Secondly, we also offer our clients to use the Treasurer Test in the recruitment process (an assessment tool we helped develop, measuring personality and treasury skills) to verify our findings objectively.

Underlying personality construct used in the Treasurer Test

The personality assessment used in the Treasurer Test is based on The Five-Factor Model (i.e. the Big Five), which is widely considered the most scientifically validated. To make this construct more tangible for work-related use, 28 derived sub-traits are measured in the Treasurer Test, of which we chose 16 to report. We specifically chose these 16 personality traits, because we believe these to give the most valuable insights when hiring a treasurer.  Below this article, you find an oversight of the 16 personality traits we report on in the Treasurer Test.

How can a personality assessment help you in your recruitment process?

As mentioned in my introduction, recruitment is more than just looking for the candidate with the best CV. You want to hire someone who is likely going to stick around long-term. This is mostly determined by one simple factor: how much people enjoy their job. Personality plays a huge role in your preferences and behaviour, which determines someone’s natural affinity for specific job tasks and as a result influences your job performance and satisfaction. There is a reason people choose a treasury career over sales, as these jobs ask for different competencies and therefore different personality traits.

By combining different sources of information (interviews and an assessment tool), you create a more complete picture of someone’s personality, which will help you identify if someone is a good match for the job. And you will be able to successfully hire a new treasury colleague, that will be able to thrive in the job and work environment you have in place.

If you want to know more about the Treasurer Test and its use in the recruitment process, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information! We will be happy to advise you in your treasury recruitment endeavors.

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