Choosing between multiple job offers: Salary isn’t everything

Two newsletters ago I wrote a blog with tips for companies hiring in the candidate-driven market we are currently in. A result we see happening because of this candidate-driven market, is that candidates, more often than before,  receive multiple offers at the same time. We also see that some candidates have a hard time in weighing their options, sometimes focusing too much on the salary aspect. And although negotiating fair financial compensation is of course important, there are other factors that should definitely not be overlooked when choosing your next challenge. It’s easy to let yourself get lured in by the better salary offer, but is the job that comes with that offer really the best choice for you (and your career)?

When you ask people to think about the most satisfying job they have ever had and why, very few say it was the money. To make the best long-term career decision, it’s important to have a clear view of the full offer: the work itself, the company, the team, the opportunities to grow, the flexibility they offer (work/life balance). Candidates need to make sure they ask the right questions during the interview process and be critical if what is being offered is in line with their long-term ambitions. Whichever job you choose, it should move you further down the road towards reaching those long-term ambitions.

We advise candidates to think about their Strategic Career Plan before starting the search for their next challenge. Why? Having a Strategic Career Plan is the foundation for achieving your long-term ambitions. This in turn, will make it easier for you to make the right decision if you are ever in a situation where you receive multiple offers.

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