Career Calibration and the Treasurer Test

On a regular basis we write about your career planning in treasury, our opinions and observations. Also, you might have noticed that we are big fans of the Treasurer Test. The original thought behind this online assessment comes purely from selection, based upon two thoughts. First, under 15% of the people working in treasury did not complete a dedicated treasury education. Second, many people hiring a treasurer do not have treasury knowledge. So how do you know if the candidate you hire is the right one?

Over time applications of the Test have been expanded. Full team assessments have been done and consultants designed treasury departments based upon skills and personality traits shown in the report: Treasurer Test example report. In all these cases, Tests have been bought by employers.

Increasingly, we notice employees coming to us, also in career calibration meetings with various questions like:
•    How do I do in comparison to others in the treasury labour market?
•    I am considering investing in a treasury education, which one suits me best?
•    Do I have a personality type that matches people management tasks?

With objective measurement through the Treasurer Test, combined with an extensive (telephone) meeting these types of questions can be addressed even better than with a normal career calibration meeting. Both Kim and I are trained in the interpretation of the results, the technical as well as the Big5 personality part. Together we can discuss your path forward.

We know that the price of the Test for personal use is considered relatively high. For employers that makes sense: hiring the wrong candidate causes substantially higher costs. Together with the people of treasuryXL we decided that in many career calibration situations, we can work with a substantial discount. Team Treasurer Search will also receive the Test results, discuss them with you, and will try to find you your next position: we are search consultants first, not career counsellors. If you want to know more, just let me know. We are happy to inform you further.

Pieter de Kiewit

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