Treasurer Search in 2022 and 2023

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we quietly celebrated our 13th birthday in November. Both from a professional development, size as well as performance perspective, 2023 was a very good year.

With Haia and Ron entering the team as consultant at the start of the year, we increased our capacity and both of them brought valuable expertise and experience. And they got up to speed quicker than most other new recruiters I worked with. There is a lot of discussion on inclusion and diversity which can sometimes be a bit abstract. As a team we now notice that being different and being ourselves makes us work better and have more fun.

With the marketing support of treasuryXL we were able to broadcast better messages to a bigger audience. A structured approach of LinkedIn and well attended webinars feels like we can better service candidates and clients. We very much like the taste of that and have many ideas to continue this path into 2023! You can expect the results shortly.

Kim, Bianca and Monique all very well understand that a bigger organisation requires a different approach and smoothly transitioned to adjusted sets of tasks. For me personally, a bigger team means investing more in helping colleagues being successful and being the face of the company. By now I do know myself good enough that I should not stop working on assignments. Being recruiter is the greatest job there is.

And the journey continues! I do not want to disclose all our plans too early but both in our proposition as well as presentation, we are currently investing in big plans. What I can tell is that we continue to invest in our recruitment expertise and processes with a three day, tailor made workshop for the whole team. We will sharpen our interview skills using the Big5 model thus also being able to event better integrate the Treasurer Test in our services. Very exciting!

In December, through the holidays, the office will be staffed. We will work in shifts to also enjoy the holidays with family and friends. And what we very much look forward to is the trip late February, where we will celebrate surpassing the placement goals we set for 2022.

Looking forward to developments and to meeting you in 2023 again, enjoy the holidays,

Pieter de Kiewit

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