Match(es) of the Month - April 2023

This month the match(es) of the month text is a plea for speed and a description of thorough searches.

Haia found a candidate in her 2nd career step and Ron found the HQ treasurer of a multi-billion trading company. Both companies tried to find their candidate themselves, failed and then turned to us.

We combined direct (database) searches and social media communication. Haia completed the search within 3 weeks and had to include 135 candidates, Ron in 6 weeks and presented 8 candidates. With both placed candidates we had prior, personal contact. As both clients knew about the tight labour market and were willing to cooperate, we were able to celebrate success quickly.

Fast decision-making, strong media presence and willingness of all involved make our job the best there is (we at least think ). Thank you clients for your successful co-makership.

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