Match of the Month - February 2024

One of the very first blogs we ever published was entitled “Is corporate treasury a career dead end? Back then, even more than today, becoming a CFO was considered the holy grail for treasurers.

As part of our niche strategy, we do not take on CFO recruitment assignments. Unless it makes sense for a treasurer to move into the CFO role. In this match of the month, our client is a fast-growing e-commerce company with a global presence. In their growth, they have not yet built their treasury department, but they have organised their control and accounting well. It is essential for the company’s strategy to organise payment processes well and to secure funding for further growth. Both equity and debt.

We were asked to find an overqualified treasurer with a start-up mentality and the ability to take on broad responsibilities: a potential CFO. We found a candidate who, at a young age, had already covered group treasury and control responsibilities and had a background in competitive sport. The match was made and we can celebrate another success.

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